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Striking position

Working on optimizing the landing or striking technique, you can reduce injuries, experience renewed running pleasure and achieve faster lap times.

In accordance with the new recommended running techniques (Chi and Pose running), heel striking should be avoided. Every time you heel strike in front of the body´s center of gravity, you are not only braking and slowing your speed and thereby wasting precious energy, but you also increasing the risk of injury due to unnecessary downward forces through the leg.

Until now there has been no way of measuring striking position accurately, in realtime and under normal running conditions. Since you cannot improve, what you cannot measure, it has been the mission of the Gaiteye team over the last 3 years to change all that and take gait analysis to the next level.

See and judge for yourself in the short video below showing a test made in our humble basement headquarters. The recording is made at 8 km/hr, making it easy for the viewer to distinguish between the three striking positions – heel, midfoot and forefoot. The same promising tests have been made for 12, 15 and 18 km/hr proving that our sensor works. 

Note – the app settings in this test are set to count 180 steps and then refresh. After approximately 24 seconds into the video (warm up period), you will therefore see the heel striking % resetting to 100% corresponding with the runners striking position at that time.  After that you should be able to see the changes in striking position made by the runner and correspondingly on the test app for the next 180 steps.

Enjoy….. and don´t forget to share it with friends, family and colleagues. 

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