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Reseller Program

The Reseller Program is relevant for an existing business within the field of sports and running, who wish to add new products to their existing product portfolio and thereby sell more to existing customers. The store can either be physical, online or both. There is a distributor model suitable for all company sizes depending on the needs and expectations.

The benefits of this program are:

Unique product offeringBe among the first to sell the most advanced footpod of its kind on market with a huge market potential of more than 80 million runners worldwide

Attractive pricing schemesthe larger the investment the partner is willing to make in inventory, the larger the potential profit

Full ownership & responsibilitythe partner is required to invest in a minimum inventory, but has full ownership & responsibility of the customer including order handling, invocing, shipping etc… 

Increase customer loyaltyapply the many possibilities with  Gaiteye DataWarehouse to maintain and increase customer loyalty for existing customers

Partner Profile examples

Sports shopsranging from the small store dedicated only to running to the larger sports shops with many shops around the country/world

Physiotherapists & Foot clinicsthe physiotherapist with speciality in optimizing running technique

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