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Refferal Program

The Refferal Program is the easy & quick way to get started with earning money from day one. It is a commission based model, where the partner gets a commission for each new buying customer on referred to by the partner.

The commission scale is exponential so that the more sales converting on behalf of the partner´s reference, the more money can be earned. Accounts are settled on a monthly basis.

The main benefits of this program are:

Minimal Investment – partner is required to buy a demo kit  (GaiteyeTM Sensor& HRM Belt)

No inventory required – all order handling & admin is handled by Insenco

Attractive incentive scheme – exponential commission scale with NO LIMIT!!

Start package included – sales & marketing material with introduction to product line

Partner profile examples:

Running enthusiastthe GaiteyeTM fan who wants to help spread the word in the network and get a finders fee 

Small business owner – the running coach with a small hobby business, who wish to add more products to his/her portfolio but does not want to worry about all the administration part

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