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Gaiteye Sensor

160 €





Product Description

The Gaiteye sensor is the new revolution within gait analysis. Together with the Gaiteye iOS App available for FREE download on App store, you can measure up to 15 biomechanical metrics leading to optimal running economy.It is the FIRST and most ADVANCED footpod of its kind in the market today

Key performance metrics

  • Heel striking 
  • Midfoot strikring
  • Forefoot striking
  • Striking angle
  • Midstance angle
  • Toe off angle
  • Ground Contact Time (GCT)
  • Cadence (Steps Per Minute SPM)
  • Stride Length (SL)
  • Speed, Time and Tempo
  • Heart rate (*requires bluetooth HRM*)
  • Max Heart rate (*requires bluetooth HRM*)
  • Calories (*requires bluetooth HRM*)

Unique App. Features

  • Set targets and benchmark your running performance in real time
  • Audio feedback in real time on running performance
  • Use my statistics and historic overview to analyze your running performance
  • Share running performance via social media with friends, family, running coach or physiotherapist…

Gaiteye Sensor Tech Specs

  • Size: 40mm/1.57inches (length) x 31mm/1.22inches(width) x 11mm/0.43inches(height)
  • Weight: 13 grams / 0.03 Pounds
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (8 hrs continuous use per. recharge cycle)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and synchronizes data with MS SQL database in the cloud
  • Compatability: iPhone 5s and upwards, iPad Air 2.0, with minimum iOS 8.3
  • Languages: English (supports both imperial and metric units of measurement)
  • Place of origin: Denmark 

Whats Included in the package

  • Gaiteye sensor with dedicated iOS App available in App store
  • Wireless charging pad for recharging Gaiteye sensor
  • Neoprene sensor pocket strap for attaching Gaiteye sensor to shoe
  • EU wall charger with USB connectivity

Click here to download the Gaiteye Usermanual (UK)


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